Commit to Start


Commit to Start is an initiative that supports you to take concrete steps that make a difference in your family, organization, community and the world in the year following graduation.

You have ideas for how you want to get involved in your community after HBS.

With Commit to Start, you share your actionable, achievable goals for creating impact next year.

We’ll remind you, and an accountability buddy of your choosing, a couple times next year about the goals you  have set. That’ll help you accomplish your objectives, despite the busyness accompanying reentry into professional life. We’ll also link you to similarly-minded classmates so you can connect around shared interests and continue strengthening your HBS community.

Ready? Share your goals below.

Still thinking? Get ideas from your classmates.


Make it meaningful, specific, measurable, and achievable. Research shows we're more likely to accomplish goals if they're concrete.
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Enter the first name of a classmate with whom you'd like to share your commitment. They'll be an accountability partner. We'll share your commitment with them and send reminders to both of you during the year.
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Select interest areas related to your commitment (or just stuff you care about), and we will connect you with similarly-interested classmates and alumni clubs. Get involved and find opportunities for making a difference.
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Four things happen after you fill out this form

1.       Your commitment is anonymously shared on this site.

2.       Your name is added to a growing, publicly shared list of participants.

3.       Your affinity and geographic interests are shared with Commit to Start leads and alumni groups in order to link you to opportunities for involvement.

4.       The person "keeping you honest" gets notification of your plan for impact.